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The name is Cindy. Born and raised in San Diego, California. Graduated from San Diego State University May 2013 with a B.A. in English. Current adventure, Peace Corps- Dominican Republic. This is my story, from the application process to the 27 months on the island... pa'lante con la aventura!

Peace Corps Lingo:
PC= Peace Corps
PCDR= PC-Dominican Republic
PCV= Peace Corps Volunteer
FPCV= Future PCV
RPCV= Returned PCV
MAP= Medical Applicant Portal

[All views are my own and do not reflect those of the United States or Peace Corps.]


There’s a PCDR saying that goes something like this: “if a family offers you juice, you drink the juice. Diarrhea may last a few days, but confianza (trust) lasts a lifetime!” Lol. So as I’ve been working on my community diagnostic, every single house I’ve been to, “me brinda una bebida.” They give me whatever their “best” drink is in the house and a snack if they have one to offer. I’ve had some of the best juices (and worst) with some families. And here’s to hoping that I don’t get sick! Lol. Also, total coincidence that I was served in that cup, bc I’m a Pisces myself!